Fuck dem kids (again)

Something clicked. I don’t know if it’s been my daily meditations or me putting in the work, probably both, but I am buzzing!

I got my MOJO back, baby, and I am booking up quickly. You know my book, Fuck Them Kids, I discuss how you cannot let your children overwhelm you in a way that affects your happiness. Yes they can be draining and suck the literal life out of you on a daily basis BUT somehow you have to find your way back to you. It can be trying sometimes and almost seem impossible to see the silver lining but I promise you that a happier more efficient you is still inside. She wants to come out.

Sometimes, I would go through these bouts of feeling unappreciated because I do so much and receive no recognition. I mean, I’m a leo β™ŒοΈ, I need my ego stroked baby. πŸ™ƒ Or we are going to have some big problems. Lbvs.

I want you to consider what small thing does it take to make you feel just a little bit more loved? It’s not something someone else can do for you but what you can do for yourself. Yes, I know money makes you happy cause it damn sure makes me smile really big. ☺️ But, a small thing that always makes me feel good, it’s so little that it’s silly even, getting my eyebrows done. πŸ€ͺ it’s such a small thing, but I don’t know. It just makes me feel better about myself. If you have seen me, you know I have pretty bushy brows, so when I get them arched, I just feel taken care of. And it’s like 9 dollars. You can give me a hundred bucks and will blow that in a sneeze, but them arched eyebrows, aye, I’m cute for at least two weeks. It really is the little things.

Sometimes you are going to be outnumbered by your children, overwhelmed by tasks, and undervalued in all of your free hard work but trust me when I tell you that if you can just remember to do that small thing that’s just for you , whether it’s to make you feel pretty or loved , you deserve it and more importantly, you need it. πŸ˜‰

Promise me you’ll think about it. Find that thing that will have you saying Fuck Them Kids I’m going to….. and do it. Do it without guilt and without shame. Because if no one else shows you love, you should. ❀️

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