What in the itchy hand is going on here!!

I think we should talk about this itchy hand thing because it seems to work for everyone but me. It’s like the universe is trying to make me poor but I have too much audacity and tenacity to adhere. 🤣 And stubborn. Like, nah, been there done that. 😏

I remember praying to God for more money but every time I did, I would find myself pregnant. the irony is, it’s these children that are trying to milk me dry. I thought it would be financially responsible to homeschool. I mean, they can go to school in their pajamas. No gas for the car, no grabbing breakfast, and most importantly no time waiting in lines to drop them off and pick them up. But, uhm, these babies are just downright expensive. There’s no way of getting around it. Imagine football, cheer, ballet, gymnastics, karate, and programming. Bruh! They are killing me. 😫

To top it off, I really have to spend time with them too? Man parenting is the neediest relationship EVER. They need me and I need time. 😅 Ain’t a hiding spot in the house that they won’t find me, trust me, I tried. You would think that having a plethora of playmates would allot me some quality time to, I don’t know, take a bath. 😑

And to top it all off my hand be itching but my bank account don’t be increasing. I’m starting to think that the good Lord and I have our signals crossed. 🤣

If I don’t have any other reason to live righteous I do it for the sole purpose to have a conversation with God about my contract to come to earth cause I know I didn’t sign up for this…. or I didn’t read the small print. 🤔

What do you think?


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