Keep talking.

I recently had a conversation with a really good friend. Trying to walk her through some of her emotions and troubles. It felt good because I was helping someone. 😌

Little did I know. It was me. I was helping me. There is so much to unfold that will fully explain why I have been blogging less but in a nutshell, I am tired, drained, and need a nap… in the Galapagos.

I have been reading this book called Pussy and in just the first few pages it has been an extreme eye-opener. 😳 Between the conversation I had with my friend and this book, I feel like I frauded myself. I am always running around, committing, and pleasing meanwhile I have lost my entire self. I’m not necessarily upset about it because I evolve, always have. But it is nice to finally look yourself in the face and be honest. I’m not happy with over-committing. I’m not happy with the way I have been running my business, my family, and most importantly myself. I have been on autopilot for so long that I don’t know what direction I’m going, I’m just going.

But did you know that you can be going nowhere? It’s kind of like being busy but not productive. Whew. When you get in your face and get all the way honest everything shifts.

I am grateful that I value experience. I am not angry about how I have been moving. I am not regretful or remorseful either. The thing is, when I started being honest with myself and valuing my feelings, I realize I didn’t lose anything. I gained the knowledge of what I don’t want so now I can intentionally move toward what I do want.

I love these moments in my life because it’s not just a lesson and progression for me, but as a coach I can pass this knowledge on.

Isn’t life grand?

2 thoughts on “Keep talking.

  1. Life is grand! I thank you for taking the time to write this and get it out! Keep talking is an awesome way to hear yourself and hopefully be in the moment so at some point and time something will just click, or switch off up in you!.
    Im happy to be here and witness a part of your story unfolding. I think Brown woman heard the call all over and trying in a number of ways to consider themselves and your sharing your thoughts helps me consider me more and communicating.
    Thank you


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