Hey y’all

I was too exhausted to blog last week although I did start, I fell asleep then life happened. In fact, I can’t be sure that I won’t doze off now.

I was doing so good too. Despite still waking ever couple of hours to feed Kera I actually woke up pretty early. I fixed the RushBunch breakfast and decided to start dinner. I made a big Sunday meal, breakfast and even cleaned my mess. I looked up and saw it was just after 4 and everything was finished. I was geeked. This meant we could get to bed early and be well rested for Monday. Well, it’s currently 3:06a and half of the house is still up. 🤦

You know who’s not up? Kera. So as soon as I get to bed she will probably wake up. You know. I can show every mother in the world how to manage their life but this night owl in me is defiant.

We all have that 1 thing. That’s mine. What’s yours?


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