What’s it all about

This week has really been a blur. Everything happening so fast and just constantly moving. 😫 I couldn’t tell you what happened this week if I tried. Obviously Kera isn’t sleeping through the night at just 3 months so sleep just hasn’t happened yet. I’m up about every hour and half to two hours. I really couldn’t tell you the last time I slept through the night and I honestly can’t wait to.

I have a couple of clients who keep me up at night as well configuring the logistics of their business. I like that part though. It keeps my mind fresh. That’s what I loved about going to school for law, I was always researching. I probably should be a research analyst. It’s my passion.

It’s funny though; I need my own business manager. I have been reaching out to bigger firms for mentoring but once companies get big they are less apt to tell their secrets to success because I could, and hopefully will, turn out to be a competitor. In 5 years I want to have the firm complete with in house consultants and coaches. I made the mistake of hiring my previous consultants too quickly and honestly didn’t know how to train them properly. The problem is I cannot train someone to be me and my firm is known by my ability to be quick on my feet to solve client problems right now.

That’s where I hit a roadblock and shut down. I like being known by my name and the abilities that come with it and I am afraid that hiring some one who is unable to be as swift as me tarnishing the brand. Sometimes I think thats big headed of me but other times I just feel like it’s confidence. I am always humble but sure. I never take a bet I may lose.

I have alot to think about when it comes to the firm and the direction I really want to go in. It consumes me. Between that and raising a family of my size I am mentally exhausted. I decided that it’s time to see a therapist. I reached out to some one so we will see how that goes. I also have alot of tension from the entire process but I refuse to see a massage therapist because of my body confidence, or lack thereof. This is how we hinder ourselves. We over think things and let them slide or push them to the back burner. And while I advise against those thoughts to my clients, I lack in taking my own advice.

I did actually get dressed up and went to a dinner party with McRush. It was nice, for me but not really his cup of tea. Were like oil and water there. While we go along to indulge in one another’s passions we haven’t quite found our thing. He’s more reserved and laid back whereas I like to go out and do things that are more community. We were raised pretty differently from status to lifestyle. My mom and dad are social butterflies and his mom was very churchy. But, in the years we have been together we have learned to mesh very well together.

This week I plan to be more intentional and less reserved due to the image I have of myself. Also, to try to get more sleep. Lol.

What about you? What’s on your agenda for the week?

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