What a world.

My daughter wanted to have something like a book club for she and I. She went to the library and spotted two books that were identical and pink. Obviously that’s the standard. 😄 Anyway. The book is not 100% child friendly but not explicit. I normally don’t have a problem reading these books, hell I wrote a whole erotica, but wondering where to draw the line with my preteen.

It has cuss words and I cuss so…. the book mentioned sleeping around and climbing in men’s beds 😬 and while we are a sex talk friendly house I also do not want to encourage her.

I was listening to that Hannity show… yes, the Hannity show. This is how I found out about all of the loose teachings going on in school. Sexuality, religion, race, etc. And I have to agree that those things should not be taught in schools. Am I a prude? I mean, people have different beliefs and understandings so how can you teach a generalization of things when these topics run so deep and frankly should be personal. These are some of the reasons I homeschool.

I get that some topics are inevitable but sheesh. We have discussions about sex and responsibility. We also talk about people’s right to choose and not being judgemental. We talk about pretty much everything but I dont know if I want to read a book about it with my daughter.. 🤔 Anyhow. What types of conversations do you have with your babies and what do you think is an appropriate age?

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