Listen. I schedule my days off and it seems like I work more on those days than any other.

I just would like to go on record and say that being a adult is totally not worth it. πŸ™ƒ

This week was pretty adventurous. I was slammed with work. Children in practices. Backend work for Rush Consulting Firm. And being a new mom again for the 12th time. 😏

Plus side is my mom came to town to hang out with me. We were supposed to go to a High Tea but didn’t really feel like it at the last minute. πŸ˜• I enjoyed the one on one with her much more.

No real epiphanies except to not feel guilty about plans you made but changed your mind. You are entitled to that. So many time we feel obligated to show up for someone or something and we have a change of heart or mind. That’s okay. Don’t feel committed to spend time doing something that no longer serves you. While you are penciling in time for people and events be sure to make te for you. Even if that simply looks like rest.

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