Out of the shadows comes..

What a week. So many epiphanies and opportunities. Not just for me but for everyone around me. Children included.

I love blogging because I get all the stuff out in my head like a beat friend listening but I don’t yet have so many followers so I can really spill the beans about things and it doesn’t get out. Bitter sweet I guess. 😁

McRush got his business taken care of so the baby making shop is officially closed! When I went in to the doc for my 6 week we discussed medication for my anxiety and I decided to take her up on it. Kera has been stressing me out because she’s not gaining weight although she is sucking my boobs dry every two hours. She is growing but not gaining. I am trying my best not to supplement.

Thomas is in karate, Sara leveled up in gymnastics and Bella may be going back in ballet. 🤞🏾 It’s looking like gymnastics for Ian, Ava, and Maia as well and Gabriele will join Thomas in karate. Reggie is back and is working local.

Now that we got babies and health out of the way. Chiiiiiiiile the tea!

iRush Printing is gearing up to start offering Direct mail options as well as digital marketing. I am so excited because this will allow us more financial space to hire someone so McRush can scale back. AND 👀 I am currently working on an app!!!!! I am so damn excited. Plus, I have apace to work with Nestlé so I am entertaining that.

This weekend coming I amattending a High Tea event so my mom is coming down to go with me. Hopefully I remember to take pictures.

My biggest takeaway from this week is actually something my mom and I talked about. Living in the now. So many times we don’t realize as we pray for more or better, that we are where we prayed to be right now. We cannot worry about what has happened or what will happen. Neither one of those moments exist but right now does. Yes, keep pushing and praying. But don’t forget that your blessing is in the right now.

Happy Sunday.

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