What an honor

One of my clients has laid their foundation and built the muthaFuxin table. And to add to that, people are sitting and ready to eat. I’m so proud because it has been a road of adversity and trials but baybeeee! Man!

I have hired more staff and some more of our children to work at the firm and we have an apprentice in mind for the print shop.

Kera is doing amazing with breastfeeding. I assure you that I can not be happier. We paid off our transit and next week I go in for in for my appointment for tubal ligation AND McRush is getting his vasectomy. I am FREE baby… unless my suspicions of God are true and He got jokes. 🙄

What I took from these wins is something, ironically, that the honorable Ketanji Brown Jackson said, PERSERVERE. Honey if that ain’t the truth. I have been doing this for a long time and some days it was rough as hell but listen. The key was knowing I was destined for more.

Recently I was invited to an event that had a special, successful guest speaker. That’s all great but what can they teach me? What kind of connection will I be able to make? Okay you make more money than me but do they have knowledge that I can utilize. You have to learn to be in the rooms that serve you. Too many people show up for clout but what does clout get you? Not much in the long run. I called the person and asked them directly, how does this serve me. You have to be bold for yourself. You have to trust yourself. Most importantly you must believe in your vision.

There is so much internal work to be done to become a success and I am so proud of my client for reaching a pinnacle. Now Monday we set new goals and crush them in the next 90 days.

Let’s GO!

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