I’ll  be humble… right

I have helped quite a few clients scale their business by getting in front of the right audience. This is very important when looking to gain more profit from your business. I always advise them to never steer from their values. Your audience is attracted to who you are and your ability to connect with them through their struggles and adversities as well as tour ability to overcome. I have one that I hope never claims I coached them because imma deny it. 🤣

This particular brand listened to the advice to get in front of “their people” and be as open and transparent as could be in order to connect and build a genuine tribe. Now that they have “made it” they are charging $10,000 for a 1 hour consultation. Here’s the thing. They aren’t doing anything bigger or better than anyone else. It is their consistency that makes them a well known brand. I am so disappointed in them because the audience they attracted are those below middle class and charging them that much is very much a lack of integrity.

This upsets me because it’s just a repeat of people taking advantage of others to get rich. And don’t get me wrong, PLEASE value yourself but let’s not pretend that some people get that mixed up with exaggerating their prices to PROVE their worth. You have people charging $50k a session to teach you how to get rich when really it’s them charging $50k a session to get there.

I say all that to say that as I scale my business, and just know prices go up (or down accordingly)  quarterly, I pray that I remain not just true to myself but true to the audience that helped me get where I am because I and my family are grateful.

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