Breast milk for business tea.

Y’all know I just had this baby and if you have been following me for awhile you also know that I don’t do breast milk.

All my life I wanted to be one of those women who walks around with my tatas out feeding my baby and watching all of the disgusted faces as I walk by all free and liberated. 🤣

No. My breast give me 2 weeks at best before they leave me hanging. Literally. 🙄 For years I could never understand why I was like this. A few years ago, for Lady Ava, I decided to hire a doula. The best thing I could have ever done for myself, my pregnancy, and my baby. Not to mention home birth <– another day another topic. There is a plethora of information I never knew. 🤯

What she taught me was that I needed to eat more but not only that, the tea I can drink and WHAT type of foods were best for my body to produce more milk. 😋 I tried it but it was alot of work. With the children, business, and house, it was very overwhelming. Ava lasted about 2 weeks strong with milk but downhill after that. My fault. With Maia I got super sick a couple days after her birth and couldn’t feed for a month. I couldn’t even drink water so of course that milk didn’t last. So with Kera, this baby, I was determined to do it.

Well, I did it and guess what. One day I was pumping 3 ounces per breast. BRUH!! I was hella excited. The next, dust. Like literally pumping for 20 minutes and less then a quarter ounce. What the ACTUAL FUCK! I was seriously freaking out. I wanted to call my doula but she just have birth as well #twinning so I didn’t want to bother her as she healed although I’d been questioning her 😬 but this was redundant so I just retraced what she taught me and applied. Turns out I hadn’t been eating enough AND I didn’t realize my fluid intake went down by alot. So overnight, I drank a little more than a gallon, ate rich in fat foods and stayed up to power pump every two bours. Initially there was nothing coming out. Then a few times just an ounce. But by morning, I was back bitches! I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep but I got my supply back up and there was ease and flow again. 😌

The points I want you to get are. 1. Don’t be so quick to quit the process. 2. Do the work. 3. When you try to cut corners you will find yourself having to do the most.

This was definitely an epiphany for me as it applies to business. So I definitely have to share especially for my clients who read my blog. I could have saved myself so much trouble by watching what I ate, being mindful of my fluid intake, and not being lazy.

Whew Chile. Sip this tea with me and say I deserve all the things I want the way I want them, now. I just gotta do the work. 🤑

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