I wasn’t ready like I thought I was.

Swollen ankles, migraine, mood swings, lethargy lethargy, and blood clots. Oh my!

Hey yall hey. I had a week and I want to take this coming week off because I am T-I-RED. Do you look remember that clip in Finding Nemo where the dad, Marlan, says out of frustration “you think you can do these things but ou can’t, Nemo”? Yeah, that’s been my body this week. The crazy thing is I don’t even think I have been busy. I did as much as I could via Zoom, y bed, or m6 desk. Still, my bisy suffered. Im.startting tto hint I’m in my forties or something. 😏

McRush has been on top of the chores but these children can sneak and work a nerve. I think im just going to take Kera and run away… and Maia. Probably Ava even though she done burned out about 20 of my nerves this week. πŸ˜’

My mom came in town and we surprised surprised her with a quiet minute vacation. No children , no phone, no responsibilities. I have to say it was a challenge to not call her which made me circle back to why my children annoys me. They love me. I think. Right?

I am going to dial it back another week and spend more time with the ingrates. Maybe we’ll get a better understanding of one another. Starting with I’m the boss. πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ

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