#12 is here!

So I forgot to blog on Sunday and I really don’t know why but here I am begging for your forgiveness as I blog on Tuesday instead of Sunday. 🤦🏾

The plus side is if I would have blogged on Sunday then I wouldn’t be able to share with you the great news that #12 was born today! Yep. Kera made her way earthside and I am so excited.

After I had Maia I SWORE I was not having anymore children. Her birth, home and natural, was the most tumultuous delivery I have had. I was in labor for 3 days and I felt every second of it. By the end I was like take ALL my lady parts NOW! But alas, Kera was the fastest and easiest labor I have had.

My water broke at 9:37 and she was born at 11:43. Its CRAZY. Not crazy enough to make me want to do it again. BRUH! Nah. 🙄

They say every birth is different and that is the stone cold truth. But I learned something today. I, we, have been conditioned to “push” during labor and that simply is not true. Again, after Maia, I was determined to learn more about my body in order to not push myself so far. Because even today, a little bit after giving birth I was cleaning up while McRush held her. I was cleaning up the padding, changing towels, and headed to take a shower before my body was like, nah bruh! SitChoAss DOWN. I giggled to myself and obliged….after the shower.

But today, since I was in labor for a minimal amount of time and my contractions, though very vigorous, were 10 minutes apart. I knew if I pushed I would injure or tear something in addition to the distress I would have put Kera in. So, listening to my body, I allowed her to do what she felt she needed to do. I felt her pressing down and it hurt like hell but I was determined not to force it. She was born in a matter of moments and I never needed to push. I was nervous because she got to a point where she had her head half out and half in and seemed not to be making any progress. I rubbed her through my belly and encouraged her. I reminder her that she could do it, and she did. At her own pace. If I were in the hospital they would have pounded in my head how important it is to remain in control and push.

That’s not how life works. What is meant to be will be in the pace that it was meant to be. You just have to stay motivated and encouraged. Do not deter from the path/goal you set.

Wow. Just wow what an epiphany. Now here I am with one of the most beautiful girls in the world. She came in peacefully and at her own pace. I pray that she continues to move to the beat of her own drum.

Welcome earthside Kera. Great job..

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