I see y’all see me.

I’m just sitting here pondering. I have been up since, well I never really went to bed.

I finally got Lady Ava down at around midnight, which is when McRush had to get up for work. I chatted with him for a moment then laid in the bed. I pulled the covers up to my chest and did a little shoulder shimmy to nestle in and I hear a knock at the door, “moooom”. Le sigh.

Its Sir Ian. We are currently attempting to transition him out of the crib in our room into his toddler bed in the Littles room… its no bueno so far. 🀦🏾 I opened the door and put him in the crib after a kiss on the cheek which means I transplant Ava into her bassinet. Lets try this again. I lift my leg to climb back into my ever so comfortable king sized bed laced with soft plush cotton pillows and I can swear its calling my name. I literally smile. πŸ˜ƒ You guys just don’t know what it means to get some sleep around here! But, alas all of my joyous feelings are snatched away with one try. Ava 😒ing.

Somehow moving her from the crib to the bassinet made her stuffy and she can’t breathe. Its going to be a long night morning.

She and I are tossing and turning after wiping her down and doing some aromatherapy. No change. I put her snug in my arm. Nope. πŸ˜‘ On my chest. Uh uh. πŸ€” I sit up and hold her as she is wrapped in her blanket. She seems to be getting some relief and breathing better so I ease my way down and of course… NO. πŸ‘ŽπŸΎ This is an all night junction. 😭

You know what happens? GUESS! πŸ‘€β†“β†“β†“β†“β†“β†“β†“β†“

Ian is now stuffy. My first thought…. “What did I do to you God?”

I clear him up and lay him back down. Easy peasy, he’s back to sleep. 😴

Knock. Knock. Knock. 😐

“Mom, can I sleep in your bed”. -Sara

It’s a party apparently.

I run downstairs to make Ava some tea when I faintly hear her crying. I run back upstairs before she wakes the entire house and kill ALL of my hopes for some shut eye. I bring her downstairs with me and this gives me the opportunity to steam her from the kettle pot. 😎

I make her, Ian, as well as myself some tea…. They don’t like tea. β˜• So two hours later, after force feeding an almost two year old and 7 month old warm tea. I am considering whether its worth my time and energy to attempt to lay down knowing the Bigs will be waking soon. Or cut my losses, along with a bit if my sanity, and stay awake.

This is my life. ❀️

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