Being open to receive and blessing FLEW’D in!

Greetings. Salutations. Shalom. What’s UP!

Grab you a seat and let me get the kettle because the TEA IS HOT!

Let me start by telling you guys that I am going to set an alarm to blog because I be having SO much to say but I have been so busy.

A quick check in. Our oldest graduated from homeschool! He is not going to college because he wants to travel the globe and I am here for it honey! We dropped our all black ballet classes for Bella and Sara because they were not competitive enough. So that freed up my Saturdays for now. Ty has excelled to 9th grade reading and he is only in the 2nd grade. The three stooges are not only still driving me wild but they have gained another stooge in Sir Ian. Lady Ava is a celebrity now so I had to create her an ig page here. McRush is signed with Agent Owned Realty so if you are looking for a house or selling a house contact him here. I lost 20 pounds! Never mind I put 15 back on. #Focus 😵.

So a few months ago we found ourselves in a predicament that I applied for stamps😮. I CRIED! My family had come so far and I cannot even pinpoint how we got to THAT point but we did. Welllll. Remember that time when I had went to jail? Wait…. did I tell y’all about that? 🤔 Lordt! 🤦🏿

Okay remember the blog with DSS? Well turns out there was a warrant issued for my arrest for…. wait let me look…. I don’t see it right now, we’ll circle back but I do know that the officers worked out a misdemeanor level offense like unintentional harm or something like that because they did not agree. But YES I went to jail. What’s worse is I REFUSED 🙅🏾 to pee in a toilet in the middle of the floor. So when I was released 12 hours later, my pregnant butt had to be admitted to the hospital because I was peeing BLOOD! ♿️

I fell into a DEEP depression. I just couldn’t believe this happened to me. And what was worse. The charges were unfounded through DSS in the end. Turned my life upside down over someone lying just to realize I was truthful the entire time.


When we applied for assistance we were denied because I had a record. (I cried. Again.) But this gave me the push I needed to max Rush Consulting Firm AND DID!

I am so very proud to say that I am on the fast track to becoming my family’s FIRST millionaire. This is huge for me. If y’all only knew! Some of you do. I went from sleeping on the side of a gas station with my oldest son to… WHEW!

You know what’s sad though. I am trying to help put people on to the secret (not a secret AT ALL) but I am met with resistance because I look like them and because I am not flashy. Let me tell you something. Even at a billion dollars I would never be flashy. One thing working with my first mlm, WakeUpNow, taught me is those brands are not paying me [yet] to bare their names across my body so Cato, old Navy, and American Eagle with a splash of Wal-Mart for the littles will do just fine honey!

So in a nut shell this Jailbird homeschooling mama of ten is RICH BISHES! 🤣😂 join me!

(If you have a business or business idea and are ready to capitalize on it book here. )

One thought on “Being open to receive and blessing FLEW’D in!

  1. You are amazing! An inspiration and an incredible reminder to keep my head up, and to push forward. Thank you for your vulnerability and for the tea ❤️

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