Want to go on an adventure?

Hello families!

Today I want to shift the spotlight from the RushBunch to another phenomenal melanated family who is out here sprinkling that black magic.

The Fennell family is out here breaking entrepreneur records while dropping books along the way.

I came in contact with Ms. Jennaye Fennell through Facebook where we went back and forth trying to see if we were related by blood. After settling that we were related through spirit, I found out that she is one fierce warrior. Like many of us, she had been greeted by many obstacles in life as a mom but chose not to succumb to any of them. No. She did something greater. Diving into her entrepreneurial spirit to make the best of a bad situation but what’s best is she poured that same mentality into her three children Jiya, Jace, and Merl. To her delight these babies would turn and make motivational videos, yes motivational videos to encourage other people to keep going.

Talk about Gifted! But it gets even better! These children decided to write and publish their own books 📚.

Such a kind and warm spirited family who keeps their purpose aligned with a solid faith in God, and are no doubt driven, this family will definitely go far beyond their wildest dreams and they are clearly well on their way.

But videos and books are not ALL they do. The oldest, Jiyah, who is only 14, is a professional Face Painter who wrote ‘Princess Jiyah’s Face Painting fairytale’.

This family has multiple streams of income outside of motivational cartoons, which you can find here .

They also are speakers, podcasters, and travelers! Not to mention mom is also a published author!

How awesome would it be for you to support this family in all of their endeavors!

You can start by subscribing to them on YouTube and watching some of their videos here.

You can purchase some of their books here.

Find out more about this awesome family of go-getters. here.

Lets show ’em some love and support iRush team!

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