It was an accident

Hello. 🤦🏿

I swear, one day I’m am going to get on the consistency of my personal blog. Tuhday ain’t it honey. 🤷🏾

I’m going to let you know now that I will probably be playing the lottery tomorrow so I can hire someone to manage my finances and get me a nanny-maid-cook-chauffeur-housekeeper-personal assistant-yard man thingy. I can probably afford all of this but I do not manage my finances. And don’t be jumping in my inbox with your finance pitches. I said I DON’T not I can’t.

Let me tell y’all something. I do not juggle well. I can homeschool, be vegan, run my business, be a wife and a mom but not at the same time. AND I blog TWICE! Nah. I’m dropping balls all day so for those who still question how…. I don’t.

Here is a walk through a day in my shoes.. today to be exact.

I got up at 5:50 because I had a migraine. Prepped breakfast for the RushBunch who stayed up super late with big brother. Gathered the baby boys clothes. Breastfed Ava, changed her diaper, cleaned her up and changed her clothes. She went back to sleep. Jumped in the shower. Answered some emails. Posted to instagram, perused instagram (time vortex). Answered dm’s. Posted to Facebook. Switched accounts and posted to that facebook. Breastfed and changed Ava. Ian woke up. Bathed and changed him. Made some changes to my website. Printed out some math work for the schoolers. Cooked breakfast. Ran to the bank. Got to the bank and realized I forgot my drivers license in the Transit. I drove the Lexus tryna be cute. 😐 Coached a client in my driveway (I hadn’t gotten out the car yet). Go in, get the children ready to take #1 to his teaching gig. Drove across town to find out he doesn’t need to be there… yes, he knew but forgot. Drove back home in five o clock traffic. Fed Ava. Cooked dinner ←hubby. Cleared the kitchen. Went upstairs to work so I could use both computer and laptop in effort to multi task, we all know how I feel about this. Finished changes on my website. Sent an invoice. Prepped tomorrow’s lesson. Secured my spot at an upcoming symposium. Put the bunch down. Chatted with McRush. Fed Ava. Went and cooked McRush breakfast for tomorrow (fried potatoes and onions, eggs with sauteed mushrooms, grits, and vegan sausage scramble… yes he eats faux meat and eggs judge yo’ mama!) Now I am sitting in the bed rocking Ava, blogging, and getting ready to blog on my business site.

So yeah, I wouldn’t say I juggle, more like stumble through my day and a lot of stuff accidentally gets done. 😎

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