Working, teaching, cleaning… oh sh*t I forgot to eat!! Again

I am so excited to get back in the hustle of life after having Lady Ava. I think my whole house felt the stress of carrying her well over her “due date”. But alas she is here and she is loved. Having her at home was a big deal for me, mostly because I hate hospitals and the way they feel they own your body but that’s a story for another day.

Since I had a homebirth I feel like it will be easier to get back in the swing of things and what’s best is I can do it sooner. WRONG. I think it took me LONGER to re-acclimate into my routine (that was ever so inconsistent anyway, but don’t judge me). The problem was my mind and my body didn’t agree at the same time. Some days I was mentally like, yeah, lets do this, but my body was like, nah bruh! But then it would switch up on me and my body would be, okay I’m ready to which my mind would say “if you don’t sit chass down somewhere!”. I swear it was a losing battle for two weeks.

But finally, I got it together. Some days better than others and what’s best is, I had lost 34 pounds in a month. Thirty Four mother friggin pounds! BISH! I am sexy nah! And malnourished 🤦🏾 Smh. Why!! 😭

I was so busy being busy that I literally was going days without eating. Most people cannot go ten minutes with out thinking of food and here I am just trying to get some work done. Yes, I feed my children. If you know us at all you know they literally eat every half hour IF that much time goes by.

So of course, as life would have it, I have been doing better with my eating habits thanks to McRush (and my doula friend) I am gently reminded that food good- starving bad. Meanwhile I have regained 6 pounds. *insert hard I-just-wanna-be-sexy sigh*

Plus side to eating? Milk production, so Lady Ava and I are getting fat TOGEVA! And Sir Ian feels like he should get a boob too so here I am tandem feeding.

However, I am still able to stay productive with my brand so that’s what I love.

Don’t be like me…. okay be a little like me because I am totally the bomb dot com, but take care of yourself and eat. Possibly exercise but you know, do what works for you cause me and exercise aren’t friends right now. 🤷🏾


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