Whew chillay!

Mothering is HARD no matter what level or how many. By level I mean eating out everyday or a top notch crunchy mom. Btw, my goal is to be a crunchy mom but later for that.

Being a good wife is HARD. It takes or practice, I have been married three times (Don’t act like you didn’t know that!) and finally getting it right.

Running a business is HARD. If it’s a side gig or full fledged brick and mortar with 100 employees (I’d like to point out that I am proud of you).

Putting these three together is HELLA HARD. But here I am, juggling the heck out of them. Some days not at my best but I try not to beat myself up too badly about it at the end if the day.

Most of you know we have finally welcomed Lady Ava to the crew! So sleep is minimal and there is still always work to be done. With that being said, I had created an event earlier this month to boost my business, Rush Consulting firm. Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking. Sometimes I mistake myself for some type of super mom or something. Anyway, I gave myself two weeks to boost this business ←bad business move. Now let me give you the tea. I had been contemplating shutting down my business because in addition to being an everyday mom, I also homeschool all of our children so most days I was beyond overwhelmed. Well, word got to my clients and I was being inspired not to, so reluctantly, I held on but was doing the bare minimum with it outside of maintaining my current clientele.

The event

I had this phenomenal idea to have Mini session called Elevating Masterminds: Boosting Your Brand. You know, jumping back in with two feet. Well, I had to push this event like no other because my following had dropped tremendously as I was not taking on customers or posting therefore my exposure was not in tune with the algorithms.

The day before the event I had sold 3 tickets! THREE 😮. I had fallen to the realm of a start-up that was not taking care of business.

This is what I took from it. (I posted this in a private group I’m in but the transparency that I embody, I thought it best to make it public knowledge.

I hosted my first event for the year. I had been back and forth with canceling or not canceling my business for a year so had not been active. My “following” fell tremendously and so this event only had three ticket sales. 😮Normally I would have cancelled and issued refunds because to me that is a fail. But, after briefly discussing with my mentor and another friend, I decided to push forward and get out of my feelings. The bottom line is, 3 people bought into my vision and were willing to support me. I decided to show up for those who showed up for me. The event was successful. We covered a lot of ground and it was more intimate and informative for them because I could give them more of me.
Today, I choose to not look at the numbers but focus on why I started and look at the lives I could change. 💞

I didn’t post this directly to my page because everyone is not for you and that’s fine but for the ones that are for me, I want you to know that I stand with you and for you. #KeepPushing


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