Grand Rising

Happy Monday!

I bet some of you feel like that’s an oxymoron. But I assure you, its not. Not only Mondays but everyday. I remember a bishop at my old church used to always say “Life can be beautiful” and it always sounded so wonderful when he said it. I never really quite knew what he meant but it made me smile.

Recently, and even a little today, I was faced with a tremendous blow to the heart. I cried for days and still now I wake up with butterflies wondering, ‘will it be today’. But what I know is nothing is promised and nothing is truly yours. It can all be taken away at any moment no matter how fair or unfair the circumstances may be.

Right now I have a blog sitting in que, waiting for the right moment to be published. While I am an open book, that blog is the dictionary and it is heavy. It can be detrimental one way or the other but it is my truth and that is something I am not afraid of. But be careful of your truths, sometimes it can be used against you.

Life is tricky that way. The tears I have cried over the past few weeks are draining. Even now, I am careful with my words.

American ways are vile and ruthless that way.

You know, we wait our entire youth to grow up and not be under someone else’s rule when in reality, being an adult is much more restricting. I had a great childhood. I even had a little brush with the law but I came out stronger because if it.

Life sometimes has a way of knocking you down but I take comfort in knowing that I have and always will get back up fighting harder and stronger.

Yes. Life can be beautiful, but sometimes you have to fight for it.

And I’m ready.


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