What you’re NOT going to do is….

Today, like any other Saturday, I got up to take the girls to Ballet.

Also, as usual, #10 woke up at 7 leaving me with a hopeful thought of laying back down for a few, HA!

Unlike any other Saturday, McRush had to work so I contemplated getting the rest of the RushBunch up to tag along. Hmmm, I opted NO! Generally, I use this day as a girls day. We go to ballet and then we go out to eat. Well, today I decided to bring #10 and #9 who are 8 months and 2 years old.

I squeezed them into my Lexus because I was not driving the Transit, and headed on my merry way. I dropped the girls off and normally I would just hang around the area, reading a book or perusing Facebook or Instagram. Not a chance! #9, in all of his newly potty trained glory has to ‘poop’ so I drive to the Walmart (why do we say THE walmart?) and then it gets interesting. Realizing I have no stroller, I carry #10 after fighting with his carseat and we slowly, due to little two year old legs, walk to the restroom. I decide to grab a cart to help make things easier but alas, no carts allowed in the restroom. Of Course! I grab the baby and my pocket book out of the cart and take #9 to the stall.

Well, there are no liners for the seat but there is a kiddie chair in the stall so I can put #10 in, except its broke. Of course! I sling baby to the side and pull tissue down to line the seat all while fighting with my purse to stay on my shoulder and convince #9 to ‘hold it’ just a little longer. I finally get him on the seat and now I am sweating. I wipe him and pick him up to wash his and my hands. The dryer doesn’t work. Of course!

I place them back in the cart I parked outside the bathroom and not even 25 feet away we get and, “I have to poop.” I roll my eyes and hold back tears. By now we are running late to pick up #6 whose class finishes before #3. I start the process over again and as I am walking out of the stall, OF COURSE my pregnant butt has to pee!

We finally make it out of Walmart, get # 6 and head to the park to kill time. One child wants the swing and one wants to run around while the other wants to slide…. I only have one set of eyes, and they are rolling!

We figure it out though. We leave and get #3, grab a bite to eat and head home.

I have a headache.

I said all this to say, I am not a supermom, please do not call me that. I thought I was a supermom too. I mean I do after all, have 10 children with one on the way, while homeschooling, and running a business. But from now on what you are not going to do is call me a supermom when I feel like I need a drink and a blunt after spending 3 hours with less than half of my children! They are exhausting.

What am I, a married mom who has a phenomenal support team in my husband and oldest two children (whom I left home sleeping their lovely heads off (never again)).

I say all the time that we are all supermoms in our own rights but after today, I believe that title belongs to single parents. I just don’t know how you do it!

I salute you!


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