Grand rising!

Why am I up?

Its 6:23 a.m. and I have actually been up since 2:57. I think I may have gone to bed by 10 something.

#10 has 4 teeth cutting at the same time in addition to the two teeth that have already cut through but are still sprouting. He is in pain and his fever makes him uncomfortable. What that means for me is no sleep.

Add to that that I am trying to alter the RushBunch curriculum for the day because I saw something cool for them to learn for science.

Plus Souki, our new edition, decided to make my floor her personal bathroom. By the time I soothed #10, cleaned up my floor, packed McRush’s lunch and threw on a load of laundry (because I’m a mom and mom’s have MADD, Mother Attention Deficit disorder) I am now wide awake and contemplating whether or not to lay down while everyone is asleep. 🤔

School has been off to rocky start and revamping the business has left me less than motivated but I will keep in pushing because its about something greater than me. Its about my family and my reflections. But trust me when I tell you that this queen here is going to a spa and hair salon because I have to keep pushing doesn’t mean I have to LOOK like all I am doing is pushing.

I have learned that In order to best serve those I love, I must first serve and love me.


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