Who wants to be a mommy?

Oh it has definitely been one of those days!

We had nothing scheduled and both #1 and McRush were off of work. So I was so set to sleep in. I literally day dreamed about it all day Saturday and laid my head on the pillow knowing what a glorious well needed rest I was going to have. This was at around eleven at night.

Well, as life would have it, I was back up at 12:30 so send the dog out and get #7 up to go to the bathroom. Oh, by the way, I got a dog. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพ

Okay, that’s cool because I am sleeping in anyway.

At 3 this morning, my bladder was full, baby jumping on it I suppose. Now I have to go to the bathroom. Wash my hands add some lotion and come out to see Souki, the dog, peed on the floor. I get the Clorox wipes and clean it up and then wash and moisturize my hands again. OF COURSE I’m thirsty so I grabbed a bottle of water and chug quickly so I can jump back in the bed.

Yup, you guessed it, 6:30 I’m up with #10. Downstairs I go to get a bottle but I’m not worried because he goes back to sleep after a warm bottle, burp, and change…. Not today. By the time he goes back to sleep it is 9:27 a.m. and I am exhausted. I lay down because everyone else is still asleep. I figure 10:30ish they will rise because they were up late, intentionally because of my hopes of sleeping in of course.


Promptly at 9:45 they are calling my name and I jump up now thinking I overslept… yeah right.

I decide to go ahead and start breakfast and take the dog out. I found myself doing laundry, writing the grocery list, cleaning the living room and kitchen, and writing our house rules list.

You know who did get to sleep in? McRush, #1 and #2 which left me with a house full of unruly under 7 year olds.

At 1230 I remember I was supposed to meet a lady to pick up a baby blender (gotta love mom swap). Now I’m rushing to get everyone ready and feed #10 while finishing up my chores. You know what happened? McRush jumps in the shower!! Ugh! I didn’t even get to shower! He says just take one of your two minute showers. I all but lost my dang mind!

Now its 10:45 at night and I have just now been able to wind down.

Everyday I am the last down and the first up.

Holy Ancestors Batman! When is mom going to get a break!?

Okay, I’m calm. Tomorrow is Monday and school is going to be SO exciting. โ†insert sarcasm and say that through your teeth.


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