Seeing Black Panther was the WORST

I had this awesome idea to take the RushBunch to the drive-in movies to see the biggest movie of the year, Black Panther. I have been hearing so much about it and undoubtedly was strongly considering taking part in cosplay with the tiny people.

Weeks have gone by and I was still unable to clear my schedule to go. Then I thought about it, what are the odds we will get seats together as a family and how much will this run us. Perhaps wait until it comes out on DVD? I did not want to wait another day though! Everyone is raving about this phenomenal movie and I want to see, for myself, if it is worth all the hype.

Well, today we drove almost two hours to the nearest drive-in. But before McRush and I did this, I went to the local dollar store and racked up on snacks. While we do not take part in easter, all of those goodies came in handy for our trip. I also found some huge egg-shaped containers with lids that I could put the stuff in. How cool is that?

It would have been cooler if I did not have to utilize a good part of the drive to put the goodies together but they came out lovely so I didn’t mind so much.

We get to the movies and it’s too cold outside for them to sit as we’d anticipated. so now they have to stay in the car. For those that don’t know, we drive a Ford Transit which is pretty much the only decent looking vehicle that holds my family comfortably. Although roomy indeed, it is not ideal for the drive in.

Just think bus.

McRush turns the vehicle sideways so the children can look out the side windows and not be squeezed by me and on my lap in the front seat like they were. Okay, now I can get a little more comfortable.

Well as soon as the movie starts every child in the car, outside of #1 and #2, were asking me to open their candy and popcorn and juice. #9 needed a diaper change and guess who got to do that? Then I had to fumble through the dark car to make #10 a bottle. Then they started debating and talking through the movie. And, remember McRush turned the vehicle sideways? Well, my seats don’t swivel so I had to catch what bits of the movie I could with my head turned to the side so now my neck hurts.

Needless to say, I did not get to fully enjoy the movie but what I did see I loved. It was action packed and twists and turns at every scene. What I thought would happen didn’t and I am very good at predicting scenes and endings, and this I never saw coming…. any of it.

I will be going to see this again within the next couple of days either alone or with McRush not just because my great family idea turned out to only be a great idea for them to enjoy and not me, very common by the way, but because it is just that good.

Black Panther had me smiling from my soul, and I felt very very proud and I cannot even explain why.



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