Today is Monday. Yesterday was Sunday. Tomorrow is Tuesday.

Why am I saying this? Because all day today I have been working on my business. I mean I dove in this morning and went full force. I was setting up emails, following up on phone calls, I even grabbed a new client today! Today!

Today is Monday.

Yesterday, although I connected with some great people, I went to an event for my business. I learned some things and even helped some people. I ventured downtown, something I have never done alone and I showed up to show out! and I did!

Yesterday was Sunday.

I locked my babies out my room which doubles as my office when I work and I got busy, reflecting on what I learned yesterday and implementing some new found knowledge to my business. McRush took over for the day and then jumped right in and helped me out with the consulting firm. We completed our tasks at about 5:30. I am so proud of my family today because we worked together to get it all done, including homeschool work.

Now here is the problem with today and yesterday.. I was supposed to be off. smh.

Of course.



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