Dreary days

Today is one of those days. No, not THOSE days. Its one of those days when you feel defeated but there is no one there to vent to, yeah, those days.

I may not blog a lot about it but I assure you that I definitely have moments when I just want to throw everything I ever worked for in the trash.

As a mom, we give up so much of ourselves until we cycle through and have to either reinvent ourselves or find our old self just to have the desire to keep pushing.

No, I am not going through postpartum depression, we all go through moments like this whether we admit it or not. I’m just going to allow myself a few moments to cry it out and then these emotions can kick rocks honey because I do not have time to be wallowing in sadness or stress. I have too much to do.

I write these blogs to give you a look into my life as a business women, wife and mother. How honest would it be of me to allow you to think it was all peaches and cream?

I don’t even like peaches.



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