Happy New Year.

It is after four thirty in the morning and I have, unintentionally, spent my entire day doing what I do best, everything. 

I should have known the day would end like this.

I took off from working my businesses, aside from a few clients, starting November 1 with the intention to return January 2. It was definitely hard to do since my brand is my life. But, I am proud to say I did it, for the most part. I set up my automated platforms to post for me and I just enjoyed doing nothing. That’s not to say my mind obliged because I had to keep a notebook handy at all times to write down plans and ideas I couldnt wait to implement. 

Today was full of work. I updated my website, reset my rates, created a new speaker sheet, consulted two clients, revamped my marketing plan, made adjustments to my Facebook business page, answered emails all while managing to cook all meals for the RushBunch, breastfeed on cue, spend time with my birthday boy,  and get in some exercise. Now I am here blogging at 4:43 a.m. like my eyes are not yearning to close as I rock #10 back to sleep. 

I am so excited for whats to come this year for my family, my business, and my clients. It is going to be a spectacular year! I hope you all have made progress to see the positive change you desire in your life and if you haven’t yet, its okay! Don’t wait to get started. This is your time. 


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