Homeschool, sometimes its like that.

Hello iRush family!

It is the final trimester of this pregnancy and everyday I feel it a little more than yesterday but thank goodness for the desire to be great!

So, I have chosen to take a step back, just a little, from homeschooling on such a rigorous schedule. At this point, I teach if I teach and I don’t if I don’t.  Now before you jump on this bandwagon, please note that the RushBunch homeschools year round despite the required 180 days a year so we can afford to skip around. However, just because I am not teaching does not mean that they are not learning. We will oftentimes use the group or montessori method. In group I pair an older child with one or two younger children and let them do an hour worth of various review assignments. In the montessori method my eldest child will teach the class. This semester he opted for science. 

In addition, this year I chose to do binders. Everyone has their own review binder and can go into the binder and pick a subject they wish to work on. For the littles, they have writable work. Basically, I printed out some review work for them and laminated it. I punched holes in it and placed it in a bindet. They can then get a dry erase marker and mark it up and erase it after it is checked. 

We also invested in very affordable iRulu tablets for everyone and though it was a very tedious task, we downloaded age appropriate games and schoolwork for each of them on their own tablets. 

My 11th grader we decided to focus on SAT prep instead of 11th grade work. In addition to the many websites including Khan Academy, I downloaded the SAT prep test and laminated each page for him to work on. He can grab a section, math, science, reading, etc., and practice as much as he needs to. Only I have the key so I do check his work. 

I believe most of you know that one of my children had an IEP in school due to the strength of his [forced] ADHD medication that caused short term memory loss. Well, there is a bimder for that work as well. In addition to tablet work to keep the brain thinking and processing. 
Work was hectic for the majority of this month. Rush Consulting Firm picked up sseveral new clients who posed a challenge to my knowledge. I appreciate these clients most because they push me to continuously grow and learn.

Now it is the end of the month and I am feeling the wind down. But that will not last long because I am hosting an event on the 10th of October plus I am holding  a business business building workshop on Friday the 13th. I am super excited because I lowered my rates for those who really just want to get their business up and running and we will get it all done THAT day! Like, they will literally leave the workshop as a legitimate business owner!

I am so very excited for the success to come for both my RushBunch family and my iRush family. 


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