Hello there

I have been one busy Mama! I know some of you think, “you don’t say”. But really, this time its true. This may seem like boasting but I assure you, it leads to a point that shows my pure laziness.

As you all know, I homeschool our 9 children as well as run three businesses and just incorporated a healthy vegan lifestyle (which in itself is a full time job), in addition to picking up a new reading fetish (I literally get an average of 1 or two books in the mail daily). I can imagine you look at me like superwoman but do not let social media fool you honey, I am beat!

As you all know I am a city girl at heart so everyday hustle and bustle is like home to me but let me assure you, I give minimal effort. I am not lying to you. I haven’t made a sock in months, my last Heels and Hustle event was like October I think and Rush Consulting Firm is thriving of residuals. Homeschooling is sucking the life right out of me. In addition, the vegan life demands you cook every single meal including snack. You are constantly checking labels on everything which leads me to my new home made ventures of making my own toothpaste (no fluoride) and deodorant (to many things that were not beneficial to my skin. Aaaaaaand I exercise a lot more so when I lose weight I won’t have loose skin, no I have had no surgeries I just want to be cute.

Welp, I have decided to jump back in 100% on everything. Now before I do that I figured I would spend this weekend doing absolutely nothing. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha said the universe, YOU, do NOTHING. Apparently God thinks I am a comedian because my children would not let me be great in my lazy endeavors. I tell you what, my babies have stressed me out more this weekend than any weekend ever. There was more crying and whining and fighting and tattling, as well as more calling me by my nickname MommyCanI. Ugh! Calgon PLEASE. It also didn’t help that McRush worked 12 hour days this weekend so he was not here to help as he oftentimes does.

But, I suppose I could chalk it all up to pregnancy. YUP! The RushBunch is expecting baby number 10 in November, which I am hoping is triplets and they come in October.

Triplets you ask. Well with triplets we will have our dynamic dozen without me carrying two more times and October babies because we already have two November babies.

So, there you have it a quick life check in.


2015-02-05 17.24.26

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