I definitely have my days where I am pushed to what seems like my wits end, whether its by a child of mine or a client of mine. Days like today where it is almost 1:30 in the morning and I am just wrapping up homeschooling. I am a stickler for completion and half trying is not going to get it.

One of the RushBunch decided that today they were going to be stuck on stupid and pretend not to know what simple review work was. And by simple, I mean #7 could do it. But I played along with initially even denying snack as punishment until the work was completed. But oh no, not my stubborn one. No snack? No problem. The other children played and this one just sat there, defiant even. So, instead of sitting I said to stand with a clipboard and do your work. They just stood there, looking at me look at them. Cool. I clean up, scurry the other to bed after dinner and goofing off, I come back downstairs and nothing. I do my casual nonchalant thing and carry on allowing this one to think they won. See, one thing I learned is never let them see you sweat. I go upstairs leaving them to their work. About an half hour goes by and they get called upstairs to get their work checked. Nothing more was done than what was done at 7pm. So I go over the work again, I am assured they know what to do and they began to walk off.. oh no playa! Not so fast! Now you get to sit right by me and all of my craziness until completion. So, angrily, they scribble until holes are in the paper so I politely say “erase it”.  They erase until the paper rips. I calmly say, “let me see it” and I ball up the entire packet. Smiling they feel victorious until I pull out a bigger packet and there will be no sleep until its done. There were tears and tantrums but alas I pulled myself together and watched meticulously as they angrily finished their work. At 1:15 I checked the work and sent my sleepy baby off to bed with a kiss.

Mom 135,907,542,771                            child 0

Homeschooling is not always fun and games because your child feels like, its mommy, she’ll slack up on me. Don’t do it. Love them so much that you cannot imagine them not being as smart as smart can be. And remember, wear one hat at a time. During homeschool, you’re teacher, not mom and your job is to teach. After lessons are over, give them the love the ‘teacher’ wouldn’t give them. 



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