Stepping out.

Good morning loves. Today I made my first periscope video. Its just a bunch of chit chat but I did it! I did not put on any makeup or do my hair. I didn’t put on some cute outfit or find the perfect sceneric background but I did it anyhow. I am putting more effort towards stepping out of my comfort zone and making a periscope video is definately it. I just have this longing anf strong desire to encourage people. I love it. I love that I blog it makes me feel like I am helping someone. what I blog may not be for you today, your day may be Wednesday but I am glad you’re reading. I appreciate all that is laid in front of me and I believe that is a very important aspect of growth; appreciation. 
I am trying to go above appreciation. I am stepping into manifestation. I have been reading some very encouraging books lately and have decided to embark on my own journey and take notes. Notes I look forward to passing on in the form of a book. I have a story like everyone else and I believe it is important to tell your story, you never know who you may inspire. Shoot, I may inspire you to have children or I may inspire you to STOP having children. People have asked why I do not seek for a show. Though I oftentimes think we should share our laughs with the world, because there are alot of laughs, I do still believe in a little bit of privacy. I have enough scrutiny from family about my life that I can do without the microscopic judgement of the world.
I have come a very long way from driving my mother crazy as a teenager to the responsible person I am today. The bottom line, I have no regrets. Everything I have said and done has molded me into the person that I am today. Life has written me a story and I am living it out. I want to share and encourage. You’d be amazed the obstacles I have overcome. I know I was born to lead. I was born to push and motivate, thats why my story has so many twists and turns and trials. I am able to relate to a multitude of people in different phases of their life.
We are all made for something. I was made to empower and renew.
What are you made for?


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