I’d like to say that the general rules have kept me out of alot of arguments and middle of confusion but alas, these traits were learned and not taught. So, I am going to pass on my pearls of wisdom on this subject that you may avoid conflict in your life. These simple rules or guidelines I like to call them has kept my life peaceful for many years. It is a realm I was not at all familiar with but I must say I have made myself at home and I do not intend on leaving, ever.
I like to think I am a kind and often soft spoken individual, except when I have to repeat myself which is a personal peeve of mine. But we will talk about that later.
I have found myself in uncomfortable situations many times and usually it was innocent on my part,  so I believed, but the ramifications were nothing less than demeaning and downright humiliating. I would never wish that upon anyone, friend or foe. But we have to realize that even the kindest of words or gestures can be misinterpreted or misconstrued and you will quickly find yourself on the defense of a situation that you have no idea how you got yourself into to begin with.
Some of what I tell you may be non conventional to some or just wrong to others. But trust me, I have sought other routes and have found that this is the only way for me. I am an introvert by chance, sensitive to the max, and kind hearted to a fault. I hardly ever speak my mind, will cry over spilled milk, and give you my grocery money just to make you smile. I have no idea where I got this from because my mother and grandmother are almost completely the opposite.
My mother was as kind hearted as can be, will give you the shirt off her back but as long as she has a t shirt on. She will not bite her tongue and her words can cut like a knife. It takes a lot to make her cry but when she does you can feel her pain and know that she has reach her breaking point but it makes her stronger and even harder to break. I used to wish I were more like her but, I’m just me. Over the years I have learned myself and became the best me I can be. I have lost friends along the way, mostly due to the aforementioned confusion and the fact that I don’t speak  when I should.
By now you are probably thinking, well get to it already, I know I would be. I just had to give you a little background on who I am and how I stumbled across this free wealth of knowledge. Trial and error.

1. Always tell the truth.
2. Speak when spoken to.
3. Keep all comments, both good and bad to yourself.
4. Be honest with yourself.
5. Don’t dilute yourself to appease others.
6. Value your morals.
7. If you don’t have any ^ go get some.
8. You don’t need a bunch of friends.
9. Know what you want.
10. Life can be beautiful.



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