All Over The Place

Today I decided that I was going to do absolutely nothing. I didn’t want to cook or clean. Don’t call me if you were crying and hurt. No I do not know where your iPad is or your shoes are and no I have not seen your other shoe. I want to close my eyes and sleep the day away. I mean after all, I deserve it, right? Yeah, that’s what I told myself at 5:30 this morning as I walked into the kitchen half naked mostly sleep to make a bottle for Cameron. I switched on the kitchen light and opened one eye surely looking half lost as I stumbled over the small girl’s trash can that was left in the kitchen yet again.  I held one hand under the tap awaiting the hot water while opening the can of formula with my other as I held the baby bottle under my neck like a pro. Or like the children say now, Like a BOSS. Yeah, I think I like that better.

As I go back to my bedroom I have lost my place in my little world I call bed. Over there on the left side we have daddy taking up the entire western hemisphere of our newly upgraded king size bed. And here in the southern region we have Sara sleeping like hurricane Hugo. In the Midwest there is Ty, sleeping straight as an arrow but not quite enough for me to slide in there and of course there is ole trusty sure-to-climb-in-my-bed every night Gabriel taking up all of the east coast with his tiny, cute, yet chunky butt. I smile on the outside (okay, a little on the inside too) and kiss my lazy day plan goodbye.

I set my goals a little lower. The couch. But alas, there is no room on the couch for me, just Sir Laundry I never put away. I need a secret room or something, sheesh!

I go into the girls room and start prepping school clothes for the day; yes I am aware that I should have done this last night but, well, I don’t really have an excuse. I wake Bella to get her beauty on in the bathroom while I finish getting her gear together. After Bella, its Armani whom I like to call Laila but that’s a story for another time. They are followed by three more people and a nice ride to school. Thomas usually does this and if I am lucky the babies are asleep and I can climb back in the bed for a quick twenty. HA! No such luck. I pout like a stubborn two year old all the way to the kitchen to start breakfast. Yaaaay breakfast, you should see the enthusiasm oozing from my soul.  I fix Gabriel and Sara a bowl of cereal and put Charles in his high chair with some dry cheerios and go cook some pancakes. No lie, I have an attitude the whole time but by the time I serve the littles, I see their faces and would do it all over again, with the same hesitation of course.

I leave the dining room while they are pre occupied to take a fast shower. I poke my head around the corner for a quick check on them and jump in. three minutes and I’m out poking my head around the corner again to see that they have written on the walls, thrown food all over the dining rom and are standing in the center of the table laughing. I slump down and smile while shaking my head. After removing them from the table I remove my towel covered self to put on some sweats and get the day started. Yup, my day hasn’t even started.

Filled with a world of laundry, cleaning, lunch, diaper changing, cleaning, cleaning, and a little more cleaning I am elated when two o’clock rolls around because its naptime for the littles. The bigs start to roll in around two forty six. At three I switch from mommy mode to mom mode. Its homework, project, and study time followed by dinner, bath, and bedtime. When its all said and done I am climbing into my world at 2:00 a.m.




I welcome gifts of Calgon.image

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