How to work through it.

Someone asked this question on my timeline.

Her. To the recovered procrastinators, overthinkers, and inconsistent beings, what is one hack that has helped your productivity?

I replied but a wanted to share my answer because this indeed is a real thing.

I had to figure out why I was procrastinating, over thinking, and being inconsistent.
Procrastination usually meant that I didn’t want to do something, so I don’t. I hire someone or delegate it. Over thinking meant that I was looking for it to be perfect. I have to remind myself that perfection does not exist and I can always make changes layer.
Inconsistency meant I didn’t want to do it anyway. So I rather don’t or find a better way to convey what it was.

Business cannot be hectic for me. I have 11 children and my anxiety is too high. I had to learn to do what I love the way I love to do it.

The bottom line is sit with yourself and really map out your feelings like you do your life/business. There is a pattern. ❤️

Life is hard. Never think that my intent is to make it seem like mine isnt. In all of my doings and getting, the most important thing I can do for myself is learn me. This is life changing. Try it and let me know how it goes.