It be that second child.

Listen. Nobody stresses me out more than my second born. Like, he really be trying my patience. I will talk to him until I am blue in face and he does not care. I be talking so long I be parched, tongue sticking to the roof of my mouth. 😂

I would tell y’all what I be talking about but you know, what you put on the internet stays on the internet and he won’t ever have friends. 😑

Ava is sick and Maia. I hate it. We have the heat on to dry out their wet coughs and noses. They have been sleeping it away most of the day so hopefully they’ll be better tomorrow.

I had an interesting workday. First of all I thought it was Wednesday. People booked back to back calls and 3 of them didn’t show up. One of our print clients minimized their order so that was a financial blow.

And to top things off its getting cold and I’m super pregnant meaning I can’t fit my cute winter stuff. I also refuse to go shopping because I declare that this will be my last pregnancy.

With so much going on, its safe to say I’m a little bummed out so I just took the rest of the week off. It happens though. Life has great ups so it must have great downs.

Happy Turkey week. ❤️

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