Some truth about family, business and money. iRush edition.

Y’all wanna hear something not may Coaches/Consultants will tell you?

Imagine making 10k a month and waking up to $0.04 in your personal account.
This was me this morning.
This is why I don’t teach about money, I teach about sustainability in your business. This is the most money I have been making in my business since conception yet I still have children, operations, payroll, bills, etc.😭

Sure 10k months are amazing. In fact, I prayed for them, but this is why I say consistent is relevant. 5 years ago we were living off 2500 a month. It doesn’t matter how much I make because I’m not you. 10k to my family is a drop in the bucket. For someone else, its the life they yearn for. If you’re going to pray for consistency, be sure its consistently scaling. Consistently growing. Making the same money consistently is not the flex.😑

I would like to add that my account has much more money in it now that I paid myself for the day. 😜

The point of this post is that we are all learning and growing along the way. Don’t get caught up in who has what and/or where someone else may or may not be. Your journey is yours. Trust the process but more importantly work the process.

In my journey I will always be transparent and honest. I will hold myself accountable just as much as I do you. I am doing what I am passionate about and I teach you along the way through my failures and successes. In 5 years you’ll be glad you hired me and implemented what I taught because you’ll be sitting at the table with me not fawning over me. 😍
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