Somebody come looka dis!

Apparently I inadvertently went on a hiatus. I had not realized its be almost two months since I blogged. Talk about leaving money on the table. 😱

So a few things to catch up on. No one won the $500 giveaway that was over March 31 but several people got pretty close. Now I have an additional $500 to put in for the next giveaway. So that should be exciting.

As we all know this pandemic has taken over most people’s lives, including mine. Although much hasn’t changed in our daily routine since we already work from home and homeschool. The fact that I cannot take the RushBunch anywhere is driving me crazy. Don’t tell my mom though because she’s lecture me on the importance of their health over my need for a break. She oftentimes forgets what its like to be in a house full of people. She is one of 15. But seriously a park trip or something would be nice. Sheesh. And I swear they completely forget that they even have two parents. I believe they think the word “Dad” is a cuss word. 🤦🏾

Plus side is business is flourishing. In fact, everyone’s should be. All this time to read and implement new creative ways to boost sales in addition to the fact that your visibility should skyrocket since everyone is home.

Baby is doing fine. No, we do not know what we are having. I will say being 40 and pregnant is a different ball game. Whew Chile! I have an amazing doula by my side, which is great because the physicians suck! I’ll blog about that another time.

This is really just a quick check in blog.

Love y’all.


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