I quit.

Today was a very busy yet lazy day. I woke up this morning with ideas swirling in my head as if ancestors poured all that they could into me overnight.

You see, last night I played the lottery and I didn’t win. I low key want to file a grievance to get my 4 dollars back. I fasted all day, manifested it, planned it out, and spoke gratitude all day… that shit didn’t work. I was ill. Not sick just Philly slang for mad.

Some days I have my WTF moments. I mean I pour and pour and pour. I have changed my entire life to be and offer my best at all times and I can’t get a cool mill? STRAIGHT UP!? 🤣

Nah. Foreal I took it as a lesson and I definitely listened. I am grateful for my spiritual connection that keeps me grounded and humble. And for that reason I was poured into like a favorite vessel, knowledge. I literally hit the floor running this morning. Briefly halted by Ava deciding she wants to have a bowel movement on my bed. 🤦🏾

I am an implementer and a healer of broken things and people. I am an empath that is why my business of coaching and consulting is perfect for me. I worked all day adding tools and resources and TONS of research…. on my day off.

I spent so much time in my business I forgot to cook until 630p 😬 so I whipped up some mashed potatoes, stuffing (from a box), and baked cauliflower parts. Smh. My children looked at me like I was crazy. THEY ain’t crazy though… they ate it.

I also had an epiphany. I unobligated ← yup made up word, from things that are not yielding me the income I have been working so hard towards and/or are not beneficial to my bottom line.

I thank the ancestors for my sense of empowerment as a replacement to my entitlement and I look forward to the great things to come.


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