Definitely one of those hide on the side of your bed and drink ginger Ale for breakfast kind of days.

Despite fighting a 103.5 fever for the past few day I have not missed a mommy or wife beat. Its draining. Somewhere there is always a sacrifice. Right at a high of my business, the sacrifice has been Rush Consulting Firm. I try not to come in here and vent but I choose not to tell people because I don’t want a pity party or words of encouragement. I just want to vent. It will work out, I know this.

I don’t know if I told you guys but I was recently nominated for 3 awards from Achi magazine.

Its an honor to be recognized AND i am grateful to whomever nominated me. I wish I knew who it was.

I said this to myself today and so I am sharing it with you.

“We have days where we want to give up. Tirelessly working to better ourselves and our business, oftentimes without recognition. Somebody is watching. Keep being great. Keep being you.”

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