Homeschooling DESE chirren? BRUH!

Today was one of those homeschooling days where you just want to throw the whole process away.

A few years ago you would hear me shame such thinking of negativity as I would force you to find a moment and whoosa… Not TuhDay!

“Biz, what is 2 plus 2? Counts on fingers for 37 and a half seconds. “7”


Please tell me why math is the one thing that generally boils our nerves?

Its okay. The best part of homeschooling is having the ability to shut down and try again. Oh how I love the flexibility of ‘I am not doing this with you today’.

And while we are talking about homeschool frustrations, I would like to add that I am no longer going to be a willing participant in Rush Academy’s Technology Tuesday’s. Nope. My patience is not cut out for that. The technical difficulties they kept having due to user errors had me about to walk off the job! I don’t get paid enough for this!

Wait… πŸ€”


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