Stand in your truth, its all you have.

Most people will not tell you that they had a run in with cps. I am not most people.

What I believe is that we all go through circumstances that not only mold us into the person we are going to be, but also to share our experiences for the strength and encouragement of one another. In addition, there is a lesson to learn and pass on.

I do not believe that in my 17 years of minding my business, generously helping others, and being an advocate of no abuse/healthy living/homeschooling I am faced with something I do not care for, outsiders in my personal business. Because, while I am a always an open book and transparency is my thing, I do not like people prodding and looking for a problem that does not exist.

If you have been reading my blogs, thank you. You know that I recently sent my niece, whom I have been raising and loving since she was a baby, to stay with my mother. From the moment we went to pick her up we gave her nothing short of what we have given our other children and that is unconditional love. It is my assumption that because we sent her to another state she decided, possibly out of anger, to create stories of what goes on in our home.

I cannot describe the emotions I have. It is cumbersome. I literally cannot stop crying about it.

Although I know I have nothing to hide, it still makes my stomach knot up.

Just to keep you abreast, the case is open for 45 days but I will do everything in my power to speed it along.

In the meantime, its Tuesday and for the RushBunch, that means Technology Tuesday. I have shared with you how this goes, so read up! 😁

For me, that means I get to clean while they are in class! YAAAAAAY! ←insert sarcasm.

Happy teaching!


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