Lets talk statistics.

Now let me first say, I must be out of my mind to talk statistics in  my blog because I don’t have many readers as is so to add a mathematical conversation is almost insane. I’m about to lose the two followers I DO have.

But hear me out, at least halfway through, I think this is important.

Many of you know about my Consulting Firm. I have been revamping and perfecting over the last few weeks and I tend to come across some very important information from time to time and I like to share. As my children say in their failed attempts to guilt me into rationing off my food, “Sharing is caring” <– thanks Barney!

As a person of color, I am all too aware of the negative statistics constantly shoved in my face in attempts to make me believe many things but among them, that we, Reflections, tend to be lazy. Now, if for no other reason than the simple fact that I nor my husband are this way, I have always refused to believe that. Please do not misinterpret that to say that none of us are because I have definitely run across my share in my past life, my past life being naive and young. But the general population of Reflections are far from lazy. I could get off track and mention that no one ever felt like we were lazy when we were ‘building this joint for free’, in the words of Angela Ray. But I will stay the course and continue with my knowledgeable rant of improper and misused statistics.

Did you know that there were over 2.5 BILLION businesses owned by Reflections? Bet you didn’t. Did you know that we owned more businesses than Asians? Yup, MORE, despite the fact that you can find a restaurant or nail salon on just about any corner in poverty stricken neighborhoods?

Forbes just did an article on the top 10 black billionaires….. the top TEN which means there are more than 10, and guess what, your commonly known hip hopper, rapper, and television personalities did not make the list, nor did your Athletic heroes.

It used to be stated that if you don’t want a black man [or woman] to know something, put it in a book. But with so many people reading more, now its just, ‘don’t let them see it’. You lose hope when you continue pushing and don’t see a prosperous end or you don’t see anyone you know, directly or indirectly, making it quite like you believe you should. We cannot let this hinder us from pressing on.

I push my business so much and I do not see much, if any, growth but I do not let that deter me. I know I offer a great service backed by an amazing brand, and on those days that I have no clients to work for, I work on my own business as if I am a client (unless its doing my business plan because THAT thing is not happening). But you have to remember, every business that has succeeded, has done so because they caught someones eye. How can you catch someones eye if you quit. You can’t quit. The only person who loses most when you quit is you, aren’t you tired of feeling like you are always losing? When you start a business the only way you will ever lose is if you quit, so don’t quit and if you want to quit, call me, I’ll give you reasons why you shouldn’t quit. I guarantee it.


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