Oh Em Geee!

Friday night I was granted every mother’s wish. It was totally unexpected and really caught me off guard, so much so I was initially resistant. #7 was invited to a birthday party on Saturday and since her cousin was going, my sister offered for her to stay the night to ride with them. I was hesitant initially because I just don’t let my babies stay the night out, if you don’t know why, you haven’t been following me long. Anyhow, I went to drop her off and, GET THIS, my sister wanted them all!!!! Yes, all nine of my babies. Now while I feel better sending all nine than just one, I was still very reluctant but it is my sister and I trust her mounds. So McRush and I had the night and the house to ourselves.

It was a very weird feeling as we thought back and realized we have never been without all of our children at once EVER! How exciting right? Wrong, I worried the entire night. I talked about how much I missed them and I wanted to change mind and go get them but We enjoyed a nice quiet dinner together without interruption. When we went to bed, I could swear I heard one of the babies crying. I was miserable. I was excited to pick up my RushBunch early Saturday morning I was almost giddy…ALMOST. I picked up my eight but was saddened to leave my girl.

Well It’s Sunday and all of my babies are home AND I WISH THEY WOULD GO AWAY!!!!!

Ugh! What was I thinking not taking advantage of the peace and quiet I have always longed for, well maybe not always but surely consistently in the past 6 years.

Stupid bipolar mommy moments!

On another note, I’d hired someone to do my laundry. I guess she changed her mind because I never heard back from her. Smh


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