Just a regular mom.

HA! Sike! I’m no regular mom! I’m supermom!!!! Then I slap the alarm and literally roll out of bed. Onto the floor is where I start my meditation. Ohmmmmmm. I am sure to feel the vibations through my body as I repeat in my head, today will be a peaceful day.

10 minutes later I am yelling at my bunch to get out of my room so I can shower in peace. It never works by the way, upon exiting the shower my room is still filed with an audience.

I go over the same rules of the morning which are never obliged; clean your room, brush your teeth and put on some clothes. In my attempts to escape to the kitchen there is a trail of two or three littles who are obviously, in their minds, immune to the aforementioned rule.Struggling to make breakfast and be the watchman for everything not kid friendly, which is everything a child shouldn’t be touching, I have officially started my day.

Some days, if I am wise, I have planned out the school work ahead of time and I can focus on getting some Rush Consulting Firm work done. Otherwise I spend the entire duration of their workday fussing and reiterating because my children like to drive me crazy. My breaks during the day are usually because I need to make breakfast lunch or dinner. always running always moving. Most days I forget that I am pregnant. By the end of the day I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I am exhausted but I wouldn’t change it for the world, well maybe a cup of coffee. But I stopped drinking coffee, and drinking and smoking, and cursing… GOD! What was I thinking!!!


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