where did the time go?

Somewhere along the lines we have completely fallen onto some warped schedule that  is kinda working for me, yet I feel like my life is one long continuous repeat of the movie Groundhog day.

It is 2:38 in the morning and I am just fighting..I mean getting, the RushBunch in the bed. Sleep is another thing entirely. I don’t know what happened. One day we all slept in a little, okay a lot too late and its been this shift every since. Its been about three weeks now and I cannot seem to motivate my life enough to re shift the strain. There is, of course the possibility that I don’t want to. I mean, who doesn’t want to sleep in? Especially if the bunch sleeps in too! Ahhh, mommy heaven. Considering my children have never been morning people, I am sure it doesn’t bother them at all considering they do not start class until two in the afternoon.

Still, I miss the mornings, kinda. its something special about being a successful entrepreneur and homeschooling, your schedule is a free or as full as you want it to be. Everyday I tell myself that no matter what time I go to bed I am going to get up at 6:30 and break this silly, yet enjoyable cycle. But alas, going to bed at three and four in the morning, no matter what my intentions, I am almost guaranteed not to get up with the sun as planned. Now rest assured, if I have a morning meeting or conference call, I do manage to get my life in order momentarily to handle my business and then I am up for the day. So its not so much a matter of control, or lack there of, but a matter of desire.

I know what you may be thinking, I am not setting a good example for my children by allowing them to sleep in. But touche’ I am teaching my children that is it very possible to live life on your terms while still being responsible and prosperous citizens. They are learning well above their standards in homeschool all while exercising their right to entrepreneurship. We have #1 who started his lawn service and #3 who started her pillow making company. #2 is waiting on his contents to do his lemonade stand.

I must say that although I definitely have my days, I enjoy homeschooling because there is so much missed information as well as misinformation when it comes to the public school system. My children learn about self respect, economics, credit, their own history and so much more. I wish I could order some encyclopedia Britannica because they love research and learning, I almost don’t have to teach them.. almost, no such luck.

I would like to add that the only downfall to this wacky schedule is, they are completely imposing on my personal quiet time which is when I do my best work, in the still quiet of the GM hours. I still don’t know what that means, but if your are black and spent anytime around your grandparents you know what that means in gist.

Well the three o’clock hour is upon me and though I am not tired, the littles are asleep now and it is in my best interest to join them.

Until next time my loves. All Power To The People!



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