up from here? 

Something is missing. All of the things that I have to keep me busy in life; businesses, homeschooling, mom, wife, philanthropy, yet I am so completely bored. I have no idea what type of thrill I seek but overdoing life is not it. Maybe I just need a vacation. Maybe I just need a job. I was never bored when I had a job, miserable yes but not bored..that’s probably not something I want to add then huh? Vacations are no good for me because while the family is vacationing I am simply continuing on with my everyday chores of cooking, cleaning, packing, scheduling, etc. Taking a vacation without the RushBunch littles is out of the question, no one wants to watch 9 children PROPERLY no matter how much you pay them. 

What’s a girl to do? I no longer smoke or drink. No cussing and partying, just Momming. I found some solice in exercising and weight training but this pregnancy has me so blah. I need some excitement! Where are all the people who have as many children as me or even more? I need relatable friends, preferably married. What do you do to spark your day to day life? 

This is not an blog to make you feel sorry for me because despite my lack of excitement I am very happy. Its just that even with all these people around me, I still get bored I guess. They say you can never please a woman, I am starting to think that’s true because McRush laughs and cries with me in addition to giving me the world and letting me expand my horizons everytime I have a new great idea. Maybe I should go skydiving (that made me nauseous thinking about it). Maybe I am too comfortable with being uncomfortable in the sense of trying new things. I am definitely open to any advice from my fellow mommy entrepreneurs. 


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