about dang time.

I have finally come to my senses and sought professional help. All of my anxiety issues and obsessive compulsive issues have been temporarily laid to rest. I have found clarity and now realize, like I tell my clients, I cannot do it all by myself. No matter how much I want to, need to, or think I have to, I just cannot. It has been destroying me trying to go at it alone because as my plate gets full, things are also falling off. I have been missing opportunities left and right and that is no good for my brand.

So I have gone to who I always run to in the times that I feel overwhelmed, my good friends Nikki and Jennifer with STS media. I feel like a commercial but let me tell you, these ladies are amazing. I am so grateful that they not only exist but are awesome, welcoming ladies as well.

I cannot lie, while I have something crossed off of my to do list I still feel overwhelmed and I can honestly say that most days I do kind of feel like superwoman, but today I hung my cape up. I did not get one thing accomplished besides this blog and I absolutely must close out a client contract before bed.

To be honest I don’t even feel like blogging anymore. Sooooo


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