I finally did it.

I have worked just about every job known to man. I have started my own companies to catapult me to where I desired to be and then stopped. I have done mlm companies,  you name it I have done it more than likely. I have written a book, no you cannot read it because its from another chapter in my life, like chapter two and I am now on chapter seven. I have worked 2, 3, and even four jobs simultaneously to get my life on order and keep it there.
I have been im several long term relationships.  I have been married and divorced. Repeat. And now at 37 years old I have finally managed to do it. I am finally exhausted. I have reached my point of beat.
Lately I have been working until five in the morning and getting up at eight. Homeschooling, building other peoples businesses, managing my own, doing my books (accounting) working on another book I have already contracted, looking for a new home, trying to manage a new semi vegetarian diet and getting to the gym, potty training, packing, general cleaning, planning a New Year’s event, planning the next Heels&Hustle event, and trying to learn the stock market. I should be 22 trying to do all these things but I waited to long in life and now I wanted to do everything so God has made it so that I am. I am not at all ungrateful because I prayed for God to fill my plate, and He did. Now I just need him to enlarge my plate. I am literally tripping and stumbling over these blessings and trting to keep up is exhausting. So I took a moment ro say hello and now back to the grind. Keep your head up and prayers made known, He hears you. Just be ready or you’ll be tired like me, see.


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