American ignorance

McRush and I had were getting a few groceries with the children and by the time we were done it was late, as usual, so that night (yesterday) we decided to stop for pizza for the children….. Pause….

I have recently accepted the fact that I need to get a better grip on my eating habits so no, the pizza was not for me.

While at the pizza joint McRush asked what I wanted to eat, I said I would go home and make a salad meanwhile I’d ordered him some chicken wings so I ran into the China Town restaurant and ordered his food while he ran in to order the pizza (they are beside on another) we stood outside chatting while waiting on the food. McRush suddenly notices that a man we’d saw earlier was laying on the stairs of an establishment a few stores down. I looked in my wallet but I didn’t have any cash, he didn’t either. I remembered that I had a few gift cards that I give out at my meet and greets in my wallet. I instinctively began to walk towards him. McRush catches up and said what are you doing? I said “I’m going to talk to him.” When we approach him his eyes were closed but I didn’t care, my heart was aching for him.

“Excuse me, Sir.” I started, he opened his eyes and I smiled at him. “Are you alright?” I continued. “Yes.” He said. I opened my wallet while explaining to him that I did not have any cash to give so he would not get his hopes up. “Do you think that if I gave you a dollar you could go get me a tea or something to drink?” He asked. “Do you want something to eat? I can buy you a pizza.” McRush said happily yet concerned. The man sat up slightly excited and said, “If it isn’t too much.” The idea he had was to go buy him a pizza and drink but the pizza joint was now not taking orders, so McRush offered to buy him something from the China Town restaurant to which we could tell he was okay with by his smile.

He got up and slid on his worn plastic shoes. I handed him my card and told him when he needs me, call. I also handed him a Walgreens gift card and the two Payless gift cards I had. In my mind I was wishing I’d seen him 20 minutes ago because I just used my two Walmart gift cards. Never-the-less, I gave what I could.

He, Tim, and I walked into the restaurant just as McRush had finished paying. When we walked in the workers of the restaurant stared at the man, not as if they knew he was homeless but like he was worthless of entering their restaurant. The woman even came all the way from the back with a look on her face as if she could not wait to demean him and make him leave. (In my mind I was thinking, I wish she would so much as breathe his way and she will quickly see the Philly side of this converted city girl). She stood there as if she were better than him but quickly took notice that he humbly stood at my side. I said to McRush, be sure to give him the receipt so they know he paid for the food. The cashier politely replied, you can keep the receipt if you need to, I will know you paid for him. I was hesitant to leave him there but I had to tell myself that I did what I could do and it is in God’s hands now.

We sat outside for a moment to watch and see if he was treated right. The cashier came and sat beside him after bringing him his tea. As we pulled of, we glanced back in the store and noticed the other lady who’d came from the back was now sitting in the booth behind him. Why? Did you think he was going to steal or cause a fuss? All he wanted was something to eat.

That reminds me of the everyday prejudices so many people experience. It is so important to some people that they demean or belittle someone daily just to make themselves feel more powerful than they are. They clearly came from another country to ‘Live the American dream’. They did not even bother to fluently learn the language but have already adapted the nastiness and ignorance that so many of us have.

America is like that cousin that you are embarrassed of, yeah, I said it! You know they know better but will not do better, rather REFUSE to do better. They have so much potential to be great and be a role model…a BETTER role model but do not want to. Instead they spread lies and embrace selfishness instead of selflessness. They see the differences instead of the likeness. They would rather tear down instead of pick up. But why? Sometimes I do not believe I am even a part of this country, I feel like a lost sheep in a herd of wolves. But I promise you, as long as I have breath in me, I will help every person I can because I believe that is why I was created. I have decided to answer my call of greatness and I am trying to bring everyone with me. #LetsGo



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