Love to hate or hate to love ❤️

My mom used to tell me, even before becoming one, that she hated teenagers. 😒 So naturally I mentally prepared myself for the drama to unfold as I inevitably had to succumb to an era that everything I did would be met with opposition. Turns out, it wasn’t so bad because though she hated teenagers she surely loved me and gave me numerous chances to redeem myself as I grew into a me I was true to.

Now, as a mother I fully understand her stance because teenagers are so annoying. I made it through my first round unhinged and I thought I was the g.o.a.t. but that second born… nah. Pick somebody else to do it. So I did. Dad, it’s your turn. I literally turn a blind eye to what’s going on. Unfortunately that makes me the mediator and counselor. This one is a boy so I am all for dad taking the lead but I think for the next ones, because they will be neck to back for 10 years I’m just going to move out.

I don’t know if I love to hate them or hate to love them but I know it’s something. The next teen is a girl and I don’t know if I am ready for all that plus the sass I get BEFORE they become teenagers.

I would say that I am a mix between helicopter parenting and gentle parenting. I want to be an overachiever because I think I am the shit BUT my children 😕 They test my patience and nerves. I’m very patient but not very tolerant. I am empathetic but not sympathetic. Everything is black and white to me but children have variables to their personalities and I don’t like that.

On top of maneuvering through my children and their emotions, I find myself gaining clarity on who I am. Who knew that I didn’t know? I thought I did but that’s the beauty in becoming a parent, it forces you to face the you and issues you so long ago suppressed. It’s a great thing to be honest. I still don’t know if I love to hate or hate to love em though. 🤷🏾‍♀️


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